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“Jim and the Dream To Product team have helped my company design our top selling Beastgrip cell phone accessories. It was a true collaborative effort and we iterated the designs quickly using 3D printing. Jim and his team had great attention to detail and kept my company’s interests first. Challenges were addressed immediately with a sense of urgency. When the project went outside Jim’s expertise he made helpful suggestions and put us in touch with his network so the project could proceed without delay.” – Vadym Chalenko, President, Beastgrip Mobilehttp://beastgrip.com


Dream To Product designed a pipeline strainer and a seismic breakaway pipe hanger. Our objective was to design a new strainer that was visually different that was superior in every performance measure. The new strainer has won awards and new customers. The seismic hanger was so unique it was patentable. Dream To Product added great value and questioned all our assumptions. They helped make a better product. – Jim Richter, President, The Metraflex Companyhttp://www.metraflex.com


Jim Orrico is a very talented engineer who contributed immensely to our complex medical device project. He helped with the design and saw it through to prototyping, de-buggging, and initial production/manufacturing. I would definitely recommend him and his group to anyone looking for help with comprehensive development projects (whether simple or mechanically complex). – Jasar Hasan, President/CEO, Surgimatix, Inc.http://surgimatix.com


Dream to Product has an exceptional work ethic, honesty, and client-focus. I can trust Jim to keep my best interests in mind, suggest lower-cost or higher-benefit alternatives, think creatively, and keep things on track. In addition to being a fantastic engineer, Jim is a great person as well. – Simcha Kanter, Founder and CEO, HumanCentrichttps://www.humancentric.com


“The PostureWorks designs wheelchair seating products. We recently collaborated with Jim and his team to develop a new therapeutic seat that attaches to a wide range of wheelchairs. It was a complex challenge, and he developed a simple, elegant solution. Jim also helped source a number of U.S. based part suppliers so we have a supply chain in place when we launch the product. Jim responds quickly and I found him to be very dependable. I recommend Jim and the Engineer A Minute team.” – Paul Derrickson, President, The PostureWorkshttp://thepostureworks.com


“Kreg Medical designs and manufactures medical equipment, including hospital beds. Jim started the project at the same time our lead engineer was leaving. He quickly became part of the team and got the project back on track. Jim fixed design problems, created drawings, test plans, quality documents and helped with a successful production start-up. He also helped direct a junior engineer on the team. I highly recommend Jim and look forward to work with him on future projects.” – Carlos Portillo, Director of Production and Manufacturing, KREG Medicalhttps://kreg.us


“My company creates new industrial designs for the consumer market. We subcontracted Engineer A Minute to take over the mechanical engineering work for a new date stamping product. Jim and his team flushed out all the problems with the old design. They created a new design that met the project goals and came in under budget. My client is happy and I recommend the Engineer A Minute team.” – Eric Wenzel, Creative Director, ZERO Innovates 


“A Couch Aid goes on a user’s existing couch, sofa or loveseat to help give bilateral arm support while also providing a solid seat base. Jim and his team helped us go from a hand-made prototype of a Couch Aid to a fully manufactured product. Jim was always very attentive to our feedback and was easy to get in touch with for anything throughout the process. He gave us several different design options. We moved forward with our chosen design, and he began making working prototypes. In a short time, Jim and his team were filling orders and shipping Couch Aids all from one location. He stayed mindful of our budget and was very professional to work with. I highly recommend Jim and the Engineer a Minute team!” – Amy Gentile, President of CouchAidhttp://couchaid.com


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