Whether the rework is a matter of internal compliance, or a product delivered by your overseas partner, the unsellable product is costing you money by sitting idle and it’s important to solve the problem with a trusted company.

Why select Dream to Product for your rework?

We are have earned our ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing you are getting the product made to your specifications with a designed workspace, SOP, vetted suppliers, and daily checklist.

Benefits we have provided: 

  • Unsellable inventory-decrease in revenue and customer retention.
  • Cashflow – reduce freight cost and advanced payment
  • Turnaround -Shipping back overseas losing valuable time to market
  • Communication – Getting a response the same day
  • Reduce waste/scrap – until it is repaired, it can’t be sold
  • Environmental impact – air pollution, water pollution, acoustic, and oil pollution. Ships are responsible for more than 18 percent of some air pollutants
  • Provides US employment – We have provided an entire team who are trained in the manufacturing process.
  • Cost of ownership
  • Image/brand

Our highly skilled rework team creates a Quality Plan for every rework based on our ISO 9001 certified quality management system.


SOLID Development Corp dba Dream To Product

2224 Cleveland Street

Evanston, IL 60202


phone 847-565-8798

AMTec ISO Certification Badge
AMTec ISO Certification Badge
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ANAB ISO Certification Badge