Discovering you have a product defect is an unwanted surprise and can quickly turn into a nightmare.  You need to fix the problem quickly to save a customer, your reputation or both.


Recover the maximum value from products you don’t plan to sell again.  By cost effectively disassembling a product, more value can be extracted compared to just shredding everything together.

Why select Dream to Product?

We are experienced problem solvers that figure out how to fix even the most complicated defects cost effectively.  We also figure out how to get maximum salvage value.  We follow a process rooted in our ISO 9001 certification. Let us help you save the day!

Benefits we provide YOU:

  • Unsellable inventory - we fix the defect - you ship on time
  • Cashflow – recover the max value from inventory
  • Communication – Getting a response the same day
  • Reduce waste/scrap – We fix your product or disassemble to maximize recyclability.
  • Environmental impact - reduce your overall carbon footprint
  • Provides US employment – We have a diverse workforce including people with disabilities
  • Cost of ownership
  • Image & brand integrity.

Let's fix your rework problem together:



SOLID Development Corp dba Dream To Product

2224 Cleveland Street

Evanston, IL 60202


phone 847-565-8798

[email protected]

[email protected]

AMTec ISO Certification Badge
AMTec ISO Certification Badge
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ANAB ISO Certification Badge