Dream to Product Showed BEASTGRIP
How to Meet Demand

BEASTGRIP smart phone attachment

"Jim and the Dream to Product team have helped my company design our top selling BEASTGRIP cell phone accessories. It was a true collaborative effort."

Vadym Chalenko, president at BEASTGRIP

BEASTGRIP phone lens attachment

By redesigning the manufacturing process, finding suppliers, and providing assembly services

BEASTGRIP designs and builds smart phone attachments that improve mobile photography. After launching a Kickstarter campaign for their first product, demand grew dramatically and started to outpace their production capabilities. They partnered with Dream to Product to redesign their product and the manufacturing process, in order to transition the assembly process to one that could handle mass production.

The owner of BEASTGRIP was using 3D printing to produce parts, then assembled the first group of products in house. Through this method, they filled over 2,000 orders, but the process needed to change to meet the demand.

The first step was to reevaluate and update the design of the BEASTGRIP to use plastic injection molding instead of 3D printing for the parts. Once the product's design was updated, we connected the company with one of our vetted suppliers to mold the various components. After the parts are created through plastic injection molding, our team handles the product assembly. By revising how the parts were developed and assembled, Dream to Product positioned BEASTGRIP to transition to mass production.

Through our product design engineering services, BEASTGRIP mass produced their flagship BEASTGRIP Pro product more efficiently and in much larger quantities than was possible with their original design. They also used our product design engineering services to expand their product line to include more options for smart phone photography attachments. Working with Dream to Product, BEASTGRIP now makes a wider variety of products with a much larger production capacity to meet the growing customer demand.

Dream to Product Describes the Process for BEASTGRIP
"BEASTGRIP developed a great product that was becoming so popular they couldn't keep up with orders through 3D printing alone," noted Jim Orrico, Founder and Senior Mechanical Engineer at Dream to Product. "Their tooling budget was very limited, but our plastic injection molding supplier was able to work within their budget. Our supplier helped them ramp up production quickly while keeping costs under control."

Dream to Product Designs Products and Builds Processes
"We helped update the design," added Orrico. "But we also developed an effective process to produce a large number of BEASTGRIP products. Our supplier handles the sourcing of parts, then we take care of product assembly at our facility in Evanston, IL. BEASTGRIP completes the final packaging at their facility in Des Plaines, IL. We've been working with them for about six years, and we've produced tens of thousands of products together, including a lens adapter, camera rigs, and other phone attachments."

Collaboration Is Key
"Dream to Product develops close partnerships with our customers," notes Orrico. "For BEASTGRIP, we helped the owner take his great idea and made it possible to mass produce it. The collaboration helped him scale his business to new heights and gave him the time to develop additional products for his business. We are deeply involved in multiple stages of the process, from design to final assembly."

If you want to improve your product or make your new product idea a reality, Dream to Product has the engineering expertise, a vetted global supply chain, and provides owned and operated production facilities to help.

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