Product Design

With over 100 years of combined product design experience on staff, we design simple, elegant, and effective solutions.

Design Engineering

Our staff has over 95 years of combined product design experience ready to solve your design challenges. We design simple, elegant, and effective products that solve problems for people.


With 14 of our own 3D printers, we have the capacity to make 1 or 1,000 custom plastic parts in a variety of materials and colors.

CAD Modeling

With multiple CSWA certified staff members, we can take your idea and turn it into a working 3D model.

Dream To Product 3D Printing

Product Assembly

With the assistance of our ISO certification, the transfer of trust to manage your product is our highest priority.

Part Sourcing

Trust is the foundation for all of our business relationships. We have a global supply chain of companies that have earned our trust over time and remain our ISO 9001 certified suppliers. Our customers benefit from these relationships to get the best products at the best prices.


We have custom moveable work benches in three connected warehouses that we reconfigure to maximize efficiency when assembling products. In addition, we have a flexible workforce that can respond to customer requests on short notice.

Hand Assembly

People over Machines! "The more manual you are, the more adaptable you are!"

In today's demanding environment, we have invested in changing how our team operates so we can meet the customer's daily challenges. With the guidance of our ISO certification, we invest in improving people systems.

Hire us to add a trained team to meet Quality Standards and design custom assembly fixtures.


If a product must meet a certain specification, we build a testing apparatus to make sure that the requirement is met.

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20211118_092646 beastgrip
Dream To Product


We make the necessary corrections to ensure the product is salable. Let us turn your non-salable inventory into profit.


Sitting on non-salable inventory? We make the necessary corrections to ensure the product is salable. If your product is broken, not designed to the proper specifications, delivered in the wrong packaging or not working when it arrived, it doesn't have to sit idle costing your company money. Let us turn your non-salable inventory into profit.

Part Kitting & bagging 

Whether your part or product needs to be bagged, boxed or ultrasonically sealed, we have a wide range of capabilities to suit your needs.

We create custom assembly lines to create flow and add function: automated bagging, custom pick bins, filling fixtures, continuous band sealers, and solenoid gates.

The result is an efficient and accurate procedure to reach a 50 ppm defect rate.

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Sustainable Design

We recognize the urgent need to move away from linear manufacturing and into a more sustainable process.

Circular Design Solutions

Hire us to support circularity. Our circularity design approach is the way we create products, services and systems, and is the mechanism by which we shape the material environment around us to meet our needs and desires.

When something is designed important decisions are made that impact how it is manufactured, how it is used, and what happens when it is no longer needed or wanted. It is exceedingly difficult to go back and undo the effects of those decisions if they are later found to produce undesirable consequences.

Circular Design solutions


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