Sell more product with greater capacity, cost control and fast turnarounds

Dream to Product: We help companies repair and grow their products.

turnkey design

Turnkey Design


Global Sourcing


Local Manufacturing

Step up your product growth by outsourcing

  • Get greater capacity by outsourcing manufacturing to our family-owned, U.S. company
  • Improve or repair your product with our expert engineers
  • Realize better cash flow with smaller run capability
  • Faster lead times with our vetted supply chain
  • Global supply-chain solution includes part sourcing, U.S. assembly, and testing
  • Experts at repairing and reshoring and lean manufacturing to mitigate your risk
  • ISO 9001 certification ensures audited processes and strong standards

Our Process


Full assessment
Custom solution based on your needs and timeline


Detailed proposal
detailed solution, production, costing, turnaround


Product creation
from custom designed solution to execution, and scaling manufacturing


Ideal product
achieved to your specs in right-sized runs with fast turnaround

What We Do

NEED: METRAFLEX wanted to create a new high efficiency water strainer to beat the competition

SOLUTION: We modeled the product and ensured it was manufacturable to their standards.

NEED: BEASTGRIP needed to increase capacity for their flagship product and manufacture stateside

SOLUTION: We sourced the high risk parts and assemble finished goods at our U.S. manufacturing facility so Beastgrip can focus on sales and marketing.

NEED: LAWRENCE SCREW PRODUCTS needed to increase capacity for an important customer

SOLUTION: We quickly retrofitted our domestic factory with custom filling fixtures, sealers and 100% quality check protocols

Why Trust Us

We understand that making your product is a transfer of trust. Quality is how your brand is remembered.

We are serious about quality and have invested in ISO 9001 certification for everything we do.

ISO Certification

Why Work with Us

“Speed. It took no time for Jim and his team to get to the same place I was in the development of the product and made it easy for me to hand off parts to his team. I got my project done sooner! Sooner always pays off.” 

Jim Richter, President, The Metraflex Company

“The accuracy and reliability of the finished product was something I could count on. We made many model changes along the way, but they followed a predictable path to the finished model. We approached 1000 separate 3D models and prints, that alone is staggering.”

Pat Kent, President of Laurel Metals

“Jim and the Dream To Product team have helped my company design our top selling Beastgrip cell phone accessories. It was a true collaborative effort and we iterated the designs quickly using 3D printing. Jim and his team had great attention to detail and kept my company’s interests first. Challenges were addressed immediately with a sense of urgency. When the project went outside Jim’s expertise he made helpful suggestions and put us in touch with his network so the project could proceed without delay.”

Vadym Chalenko, President, Beastgrip Mobile

“Jim Orrico is a very talented engineer who contributed immensely to our complex medical device project. He helped with the design and saw it through to prototyping, de-buggging, and initial production/manufacturing. I would definitely recommend him and his group to anyone looking for help with comprehensive development projects (whether simple or mechanically complex).”

— Jasar Hasan, President/CEO, Surgimatix, Inc.

"Great group to work with! If you are in need of an experienced team to handle a product rework or kitting project from start to finish here in the US, definitely give them a call!"

— Adam Boushley, Product & Brand Development, IPS Global.

"The quality of services, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting deadlines have significantly contributed to the success of our projects.  It is evident that his team's hard work and professionalism have played a crucial role in our mutual achievements".

- Peter Alexopoulos Operations Manager, Nordent Manufacturing

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