Quiet Punch

Quiet Punch is an exciting new home fitness product sold by Boxing For All based in New York. The inventor and president Brian Pedone is a boxing enthusiast that wanted to bring the experience of boxing home. His vision is to make boxing an accessible and fun interactive experience. It is proudly made in the USA, but it did not start that way. It was created over 6 years ago and originally manufactured in China. This created challenges:

  • It took too long to get new inventory
  • Prepayments hurt cash flow
  • Quality control was a big concern

Dream to Product worked closely with Boxing For All to address these challenges using a methodical approach:

  • Re-engineered to be made cost effectively in USA
  • 3D design utilizing Solidworks CAD software
  • Supply chain development combining in-house and local manufacturing to reduce lead times
  • Custom Quality Plan to ensure consistency and assembly fixtures to reduce labor costs
  • Final assembly and packaging in Dream to Product’s own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Evanston, IL
  • Just in time delivery to realize better cash flow

The result is a compelling, Made in the USA, product that has been gaining popularity and proven to enhance fitness and mental health.

Check it out and get for yourself at

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