LAWRENCE SCREW PRODUCT makes a full line of "C" type products, components and hardware. When a bagging supplier began to downsize, Dream to Product stepped by hiring a team focused on meeting their tight deadlines and efficiencies.

Capabilities used: Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Solidworks CAD modeling, Laser cutting machines, sheet forming, 3D printing,  and custom fixture building

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Modern Sprout Assembly

Modern Sprout caught a big opportunity to sell in Target stores, but didn’t have enough capacity – we assembled 140,000 units and shipped directly to Target distribution.

Capabilities used: CAD design, Laser cutting,
3D printing production, line fabrication, quality planning, hiring, training

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BEASTGRIP needed to increase capacity for their flagship product and manufacture stateside. Check out the Case Study how Dream to Product sourced the high risk parts and assemble finished goods at our U.S. manufacturing facility so BEASTGRIP can focus on sales and marketing.

BEASTGRIP smart phone attachment
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