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Collectively we have designed over 1,000 parts serving a wide variety of different industries.

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Case Study

EZRock 2Nurses have the highest rate of musculoskeletal injuries compared to other professions.  The primary cause is patient handling.

Engineers at SOLID Development designed a revolutionary new ergonomic tool for nurses.  The product supports all patient weight during transfer, reducing risk of injury to the nurse.

A team of clinicians were recruited and used to steer the development.



EZRock Parts

Engineers at SOLID Development created 3D computer models using Solidworks.  Different manufacturing process were used to optimize strength, weight and comfort.

Prototypes were made and passed UL 60601 test standards for Medical Devices.

Engineers sourced a manufacturer for every part and supported the tooling process.

Engineers designed the assembly fixtures and created a Quality Plan.

This product is currently on the market with the name EZRock(tm) and can be found for sale at